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Some of the kits that I have painted for myself and other people.

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  1. Alien Special Edition: Hold the cream please. New!

  2. Bases for your Bases: Two easy ways to protect your investment (or your furniture).

  3. Materials used in the assembly of garage kits: Well, it looks as though Dan Perez has beaten me to the punch, so instead of re-inventing the wheel, I created this link to his astounding list of materials.

  4. Skintones Explained: Here's my take on painting skintones.

  5. Painting fossilized bone: I show you an easy way to paint bone.

  6. Let there be light: Lighting up Cellar Cast's Demoness kit.

  7. Badger Freak Flex Paint: These great airbrush paints can save you a ton of time.

  8. Painting jewels and gemstones Quickie tip of the day.

  9. Re-Painting Pre-Paints Don't settle for a lousy paintjob!

  10. Did someone say gloss? Give anything that high-gloss finish!

  11. Sotar 20/20 Cool name - cool airbrush

  12. The Greatest Putty In The World II: Magic Sculp rocks!

  13. Steel Finishes: Metal with glazes.

  14. Supermasking: The dreaded mask.