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New Stuff

Dang time flies! As I get older it seems that my life is flashing before me at an astronomical rate. Never enough time to do anything. Or maybe I've gotten so lazy, I don't manage my time as wisely as I should? Some words of advice especially if you are a programmer - Don't sit on your ass and become complacent maintaining old programs and writing simple apps. Technology changes quickly and you've got to stay on top of it if you want to remain marketable. In today's economy everybody has gotten awfully damned picky about whom they hire. You need to be able to wear many hats today. It seems the strategy is to hire less people, but expect them to be able to do everything! I've barely missed a couple of jobs now because I lost out to Captain Kirk who likes taking work home with him (no offense Trekkers). So now I find myself cracking the books open again in my free time. Which leaves less time for other things. Thanks a whole hellofa lot Bin Laden!

Got the 3d image gallery implimented. Go to the gallery and click the 3d image gallery link. The first kit to receive this treatment is one of my personal favorites, the '76 version of King Kong!

Ok, it's been a while since I've updated the site. The only reason I'm updating this page is because I have some downtime at work right now :) Anyway, I hope all is well with everybody. Two years since the 9/11 bombings. Damn, time flies. It saddens me to know that my son will never be able to see the twin towers. It was equally saddening to know that he was brought into the world just as all this shit was getting started. Oh well, I guess no generation is safe from tragedy. And I think my generation has pretty much had it made so far, so it really bothers me to hear about somebody bitching about the way things are so tough right now. If you don't like the way things are done around here, then do something about it or move to another country! On another sad note, my Grandmother on my mother's side recently passed away. She died from complications arising from a broken hip. I miss her so much it hurts. She actually took the time to help me assemble my first Godzilla model because it wasn't a snap-together. Listen to me and take the time to call your relatives or visit them regularly. It may be a slight inconvenience because if you are like me, there's never enough time to get anything done but you never know when one might be taken away from you.

On the modeling front, not much new goin on. Writing for AFM has been a joy. It's so nice to be able to call up the publisher and arrange to meet and drop kits off to be photographed. Let's just say that my next kit to be featured will be a bit of a 'drip'. You also need to take the time to visit Bucwheat's Site. I have found about more new kits on his page than all the others combined. Kudos Buc!

I'm gonna experiment with some 3d-object view stuff so you can see the kits from all angles. Maybe just pick a few select kits to do this with. Guess that's about it. Until next year...(just kidding) (I hope).