My turn to stand on the stairs!
My case o' kits.
The kit that started it all for me.
Cutey Honey
Cutey Honey
Cutey Honey
'Julie's Nightmare' by Dave P.
'Catwoman' by Dave P.
Wayne 'The Dane' Hanson
Brach w/tail chopped off
My axe!
Cassandra Gava (That crazy witch-wolf from 'Conan') and Barbara Leigh (The original Vampirella)
Tommy Ellis, Ed Bowkley, Me, and Susumu Sugita at Fall Chiller 96
Susumu Sugita, Taro Yoshida, Koichi Ohata, Rick Alonso at Fall Chiller 95
My signed Ace Frehley painting by Mike Turso. Cool!
Julie Strain
Another Julie Strain Picture
Joe and Lois from Puff N Stuff
Wing from Image
Rich Larson and Gordy Dutt hold aloft their 'best legs' award
Ed Bowkley gets over his shyness and talks!
The Grem from Europe - Stu!
John Dennett and his Crow
Cutey Honey in-progress
Iria in-progress

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