Steel finishes are easy to achieve with glazes and chrome paint. The following steps outline the process:

  1. Basecoat the piece with Rust-oleum Chrome spraypaint.
  2. Create the glaze by mixing Liquitex Acrylic Gel Medium, black acrylic paint, and a touch of Polly-S paint thinner or water. You want the glaze to be somewhere between thick and runny. The amounts from most to least are: gel medium, paint, thinner.
  3. Have on hand a bunch of damp papertowels. These will be used to wipe the glaze away. Hard-to-reach areas can be wiped with cotton swabs.
  4. Liberly apply the glaze to the piece. As soon as you apply it, wipe it off with a papertowel. The glaze should remain in the recessed areas.
  5. This process will tend to 'dirty' the chrome up and make it look like steel. Some recessed areas will not be filled with glaze. Touch up these areas with black paint and a fine-tipped brush.
  6. This same technique can be used for gold as well. The gold areas on the sword below were created by brushing Tamiya clear yellow over the chrome.

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