Badger Freak Flex Paints

What did I get in the mail a few weeks ago? A big ole' box of the new Badger Freak Flex Paints. Well, I'm not a big proponent of change, so I shoved them in the corner and decided that I would use them later. I mean, why throw away a good thing? 1) My liquitex paints did a fine job of creating skintones. 2) Craft paints are readily available. 3) I can get Tamiya and Testors at the hobby store. How can I get good results with bodybag black, turned ghost white, and all the other 'freaky' colors?

Today, I decided to try these paints out on Mike James' Bride kit. I chose to test the skin colors because Freak Flex has the three primary colors that I use. They are a dark skin color, a lighter skin color, and a pinkish skin color. Currently I mix Liquitex tube-type paint together to get my skintones. This is a timely process because you have to mix the thick paint and Polly-S paint thinner forever to get all the lumps out.

Much to my suprise, the paint is perfectly thinned for airbrushing. Just pour some in an airbrush bottle and start spraying. The suntan flesh color produced a pleasing shade of medium flesh that covered quite nicely. Hardly any beading up of paint. I didn't even have to use a hairdryer like I usually do.

I then mixed in some road rash brown to spray my shadows. The pale flesh did a good job of highlighting the raised areas of the kit, but if you spray too much in one area, the skin turns an orange-ish color. For all the blush colors, I thought the rose flesh color would suffice, but it isn't 'red' enough. I solved this by mixing in some Liquitex red oxide which I had to mix in with some thinner. This made me realize how much time I spent just mixing up colors.

If and when Badger comes out with these colors, I suggest that you buy some. I love it when I can save time and time seems to be flashing before my eyes now. (I'll be thirty in a few days.)

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