Blade Runner Worldcon Blaster Gun 

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Required for assembly: file, filler, super glue, (screws included), (springs included), fine grease, modeling knives. Paint: car primer, mat black, clear. Study with attention the instruction pages before start to assembly the gun. Test fit each parts before gluing together. You need to clean the pieces by putting of sandpaper (800 grade).Also a dremel tool is needed. Blue wonder kit will help you to obtain a gun like surface without have to paint your kit parts.


What is the blue wonder?

blue wonder is a special kit that will help you to give a real look to your pistol without have to paint your kit parts.It is very simple to use and can be easily found on ebay or visiting

Above you can see an image that shows the screws included in the kit.

So every time a screw is needed during the assembling you can reffer to the above image.




The kit that you have received is Pratically preassembled. So the following steps will be to show you how disassemble it to prepare all parts for painting and bluer.


Start removing the grips screws.



Remove the hammer spring pivot.




Remove left cover screws.