Some pics from the deleted squatting scene in Alien:
Waiting to shoot. Dome is off.
From the side.
Deleted scene.
A unique shot of Lambert and the Alien. Notice the size of the Alien's head as compared to its body!
Another shot of the head.

Alienqueen The queen. Need I say more?

Alienqueen I love this pose. The Halcyon queen is too upright for my tastes. That is why when I finally have time to build mine, I am going to modify it heavily. Easier said than done.

Alienqueen The rod puppet.

The following two pictures came from Roman Guttinger's webpage. There are plenty more where these came from.

Alienqueen Cast of the queen head.

Alienqueen Another puppet.

Alienqueen Shot of the queen from Alien Resurrection. Notice how this queen has more browns to it.

Alienhead Giger's alien showing the tongue in action. Notice how the ribbing on the head is airbrushed in, not sculpted. Also notice how the head curves to the right.

Queen A unique shot of the queen.

Alien3Alien III?

Alien4An alien from Alien Resurrection.

AlienThe Original.

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